Regulatory Compliance Simplified

Reduce agency and plaintiff attorney risk

Apex Compliance's regulatory compliance application allows users to lfind and replace risky phrases online and before publishing content

Analyze and de-risk your online presence, from product pages to blogs, YouTube Videos, and marketing materials. Apex Compliance comes pre-loaded with a wide range of targeted keywords and allows full customization of keyword lists, ensuring maximum coverage and accuracy.

Marketing Executives Love This Product!

Apex Compliance Helps Companies, Brands, and Service Providers:

Gain confidence in your content and protect your brand’s reputation. Whether you’re a brand owner or part of a regulatory team, this program is a must-have in your compliance toolkit.

Streamline Content Reviews

Brands & Marketing Agencies

Streamline your regulatory review process for blogs, social posts, and more. Apex Compliance keyword scanning and reporting software increases regulatory accuracy, saving time, and reducing labor costs all while teaching your team about compliance.

Increase Client Offerings and Value

Consultants & Law Firms

Quickly review client websites and documents to help them stay out of trouble. Create customized keywords and lists to search for hot-button words such as “all-natural,” “no artificial flavors,” or disease words.

Due Diligence

Investors & Banks

A powerful solution for investors, credit card companies, banks, and investors looking to analyze and mitigate risks associated with company partnerships. Analyze websites to make informed decisions about potentially hidden regulatory risks.

Stay Compliant, Protect Your Brand, and Thrive

Apex Compliance keyword scanning and reporting software provides a powerful set of tools to help reduce regulatory risk and streamline your content review process.

Scan websites or individual web pages for risky keywords and phrases.

Comprehensive Keyword Scanning

Scan online content and uploaded files to identify risky phrases that may draw enforcement action.

  • Complete Websites and Individual URLs
  • YouTube Videos
  • Streamline content reviews before publishing: Documents, spreadsheets. PDFs
comprehensive crawl reports show an overview of risky keyword usage and where they occur on both websites and uploaded documents.

Actionable Reports

Generates smart reports that offer a comprehensive overview of risky keywords, for both websites and uploaded files.

  • Overall Risk Rating
  • Find and locate the exact page where the keywords are found
Use our adaptive keyword tool to find and suggest lower risk alternatives.

Adaptive Keyword Lists

Improve efficiency and customize your search by adding and managing keywords to find and suggest lower-risk alternatives.

  • Create/Edit keyword to find its variances and possible suggestions
  • Create and manage custom keyword lists
Find and replace risky keywords in word documents with our realtime document scanner.

Replace Risky Keywords

Swap out risky keywords in Word docs using real-time keyword suggestions.

  • Navigate through document reports
  • Get helpful alternate keyword suggestions

Apex Compliance Invited to Vitafoods Geneva as Start-Up Finalist


Kristin Schierenbeck

Senior Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, Health & Wellbeing at Unilever

“Apex Compliance is a regulatory must-have!!! The amount of time I have saved reviewing brand websites and other marketing assets is astounding. It is user friendly and can be customized to your own business needs so that you are truly targeting the keywords that cause a risk to your product claims. The online dashboard gives a great visual overview of your current risk and generates an easy to review excel spreadsheet report that includes actual links to website claims. It is so easy to follow that you can share the report with your cross functional teams with little explanation. I encourage all of my regulatory colleagues to add this program to their regulatory tools.”

Dana Kossek

Director of Regulatory & Compliance – KAGED

“Apex Compliance has been a tremendous time-saver! The software has user-friendly features and a non-intimidating interface. The well-organized dashboard offers a detailed view of identified risks, and exporting reports to Excel is a breeze. Each report includes convenient links to the website pinpointing specific risks. The software’s flexibility allows customization to align with your business needs such as the addition of your own risky keywords. It also supports scanning various content types. Both Marketing and Compliance teams can benefit from this versatile tool. I strongly urge you to give it a try!”

Taylor Maharaj

Manager of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs – Care/of

As a Regulatory Manager in the dietary supplement industry, I’ve found that Apex Compliance™ has significantly enhanced our regulatory compliance approach. Asa’s innovative platform not only ensures our content aligns with regulatory standards but also allows for customization to suit our company’s specific needs. This user-friendly tool has streamlined our review process, proving invaluable for marketing evaluations like emails, SEO articles, and influencer videos on YouTube. Apex Compliance™ is an essential tool for anyone in the industry looking to bolster their regulatory compliance efforts. It’s a transformative solution that offers peace of mind and ensures efficient adherence to regulatory standards”

Livve Dae

Senior Operations Specialist – Nootopia

“Apex is the software of my wildest dreams, come to life. It was because of Asa’s research in the first place that I’ve been able to understand how the FDA works and moves. But this Apex software takes compliance to the next level. It scans large web pages quickly, it’s compatible with Mac and Microsoft documents, and their team is always taking feedback to work on making it better and better. They really care about YOUR ease of experience. This software has taken my day-to-day tasks from egregiously laborious, frustrating and exhausting to fun, easy, quick and efficient. I cannot thank Asa enough!”

Tim Gerke

President of Allergy Research Group

“Apex Compliance is truly a game-changing technology to help you keep pace in a challenging and ever-changing regulatory world. It’s affordable and perfect, especially for small and medium-sized startups that can’t afford a full regulatory department”

Blake Ebersole

President of NaturPro Scientific

“Apex Compliance has helped NaturPro significantly with the first, most important but tedious and difficult task of claims review: flagging noncompliant claims across multiple digital platforms. And it does it better and faster than any human. I also like that the results are both detailed and easy to understand and interpret, allowing for an efficient and objective process for developing and improving compliant language.”

Dr. Mika Gupta

CEO of Best Nest Wellness

“I highly recommend Apex Compliance, to anyone seeking expert guidance in the fields of compliance and marketing. Apex Compliance stands out for its exceptional blend of comprehensive compliance and risk management. Apex’s proficiency has been instrumental in enhancing our brand’s integrity and success.”

Kyle Garner

CEO of Maty’s Health Products

“Apex Compliance has quickly become a core tool in our team’s arsenal. We use the tool to rapidly identify potential risks in claims language on our website and in marketing materials. Not only has the tool saved us time, it has also served as a valuable training aide for new hires who are just beginning to learn the intricacies of compliant claims language.”

John Whipps

Industry Consultant

“Here’s why Apex Compliance is your ultimate content compliance solution:

  • Comprehensive Keyword Scanning: Apex scans websites, YouTube videos, and uploaded content to identify risky phrases that may draw enforcement actions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily review, alter, and resolve compliance concerns with the intuitive interface.
  • Detailed Reports: Receive comprehensive reports containing the exact URLs and snapshots of keyword findings, providing valuable insights into potential compliance risks.
Whether you’re a brand owner or part of a regulatory team, this program is a must-have in your compliance toolkit.”

Marty Schoor

Vice President, Essential Formulas (Dr. Ohira’s)

“I can wholeheartedly affirm that the program not only met but exceeded our expectations in terms of its efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Its comprehensive analysis capabilities saved us an inestimable amount of man-hours, a resource that any business understands is invaluable. The Apex Compliance Program not only proved its worth in terms of monetary value but also in its capacity to offer thorough, concise, and actionable feedback.”

Britta Sather

Regulatory Affairs Manager at Swanson Health

“Apex Compliance is a revolutionary tool in the regulatory industry. It expedites entire website reviews and digs deeper than any typical review process we’ve had in the past. This tool gives me more confidence that we are ensuring compliance across numerous channels. I’m excited to find more ways to utilize the tool in daily tasks.”

Sarah Burden

VP of Education – LifeSeasons

“Like many supplement brands, we utilize blogs as a tool for SEO, and had dozens and dozens of blogs posted on our site. Our leadership made the decision to shift from an edgier, risk-tolerant policy of marketing to a more conservative stance, which meant I was going to need to read and edit over 75 blogs…as quickly as possible.

Apex Compliance took a project that would have taken easily over a week (of mind-numbing re-reading!) of my full-time attention and turned it into a manageable task of only a few hours. Our whole Marketing team is thrilled with the software; it means that even new-to-the-industry folks on our team can have a good handle on ensuring compliant language across our platforms.”

Memberships and Associations

Apex Compliance™ is a proud member of The United Natural Products Alliance and The American Herbal Products Association

“Apex Compliance Software is a proud member of The United Natural Products Alliance and The American Herbal Products Association

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