Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can Apex Compliance scan any website?

Apex Compliance should work on most websites. For extremely large websites like Amazon, the program does not allow entire website searching, and it defaults to search the exact URL instead.

Can I run multiple scans at one time?

You can run as many scans as you want, but newer scans may run slower.

Does Apex Compliance scan images and embedded videos?

Not at this time, but we are working on adding these features. If there are other program features you want us to implement, please let us know.

Does Apex Compliance work on social media?

Currently, we can only scan YouTube videos, but we are working on a solution for other social media platforms.

Does Apex Compliance work on spreadsheets and PDFs?

Apex Compliance works on spreadsheets and some PDFs, but it is always suggested to upload Word or Docx documents for the best experience. Here’s a video about this.

How did you develop your keyword risk rating system?

This system provides general guidance on five categories of risk, ranging from lowest to highest. Each category has descriptions to help categorize risk, but updating the risk rating is a company preference, as companies may approach risk differently. The ultimate responsibility and decision are up to you, but our risk categories may help inform your decision. Here’s a video about this.

How do I add a new keyword?

To add a new keyword, click on “All Keywords” on the left of your screen, then click on the “New Keyword” button. Here is a video tutorial.

How do I scan a document?

To scan a document, click on the “Scan Documents” button at the top left of your dashboard. You then give the project a name and upload your file. Apex Compliance works best with documents such as Word or Docx files. Here is a video tutorial.  It also works on spreadsheets and some PDFs but it is always suggested to upload Word or Docx documents for the best experience. Here’s a video about this.

How do I use keyword lists?

Keyword lists are a core functionality of the program. You can use one or more keyword lists to search websites, YouTube videos, or content before publishing. Here’s a short video about this.

How do the AI features work?

We have custom-trained the Apex Compliance AI on compliance principles. The Smart Variance feature can help broaden your search by finding related phrases. For example, when entering  the keyword “prevents heart disease,” the AI may also suggest you search for “hypertension.”  The Smart Suggestion and Smart Replace features can help you find lower-risk alternative phrases. Learn more about our AI-features here.

How does “Search For Exact Match” work?

This allows you to search for an exact word or acronym and nothing else. For example, entering the keyword “HIV” and clicking the “Search For Exact Match” button” will only flag “HIV” but will not look for words that have “HIV” in the word, such as “archive.” This helps narrow your search. Here is a video tutorial.

How does “Smart Suggestion” work?

Smart Suggestion is an Apex Compliance feature that helps you choose alternative words and phrases. Smart Suggestions will automatically populate. If you don’t see suggestions you like, please add an example of compliant suggestions and click “Reload.”  This directs the AI to provide results specific to your prompt. Here is a video tutorial. Our AI is trained on compliance principles, but AI is not perfect, so please ensure you are comfortable with the suggestions and that you have substantiation.

How to create and manage keyword lists.

Creating and managing keyword lists is easy. Some companies make keyword lists for different countries and regulations. Here’s a short video tutorial.

How to share keyword lists.

We love this feature. Click on “Keywords Lists” on the left side of your dashboard and choose the keyword list to download. Click the download symbol and then share the list. To upload the list click the “Import List” button at the top right of your screen and upload the file. The keywords, variances, possible suggestions, and notes will be added to your account.  Here’s a tutorial video.

Is there a limit to the website size that can be searched?

Apex Compliance can search up to ~48,000 web pages. For extremely large websites like Amazon, the program does not allow complete website searching, and it defaults to search the exact URL instead.

What are keyword “exceptions”?

Keyword exceptions allow you to exclude certain words or phrases from your search. For example, if your keyword was “cancer” but you wanted to omit results with this term in a Prop 65 warning, you would add the phrase “known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity” in the “Add Exceptions” section of the keyword “cancer”.

What are keyword “variances” and how does the AI feature “Smart Variance” work?

Keyword variances are words and phrases similar to your primary keyword. When conducting a search, Apex Compliance will flag and categorize keyword variances under your primary keyword. You can manually add variances, and you can also use Apex Compliance’s AI to help suggest options. Here’s a short video about this.

Why do some website scans take so long?

Websites that are poorly responsive to web crawlers and very large can take some time. We’ve seen gigantic and very slow websites take up to 12 hours to scan.